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We Drive Healthcare Innovation in Frontier Markets

Our mission is to enable access to quality healthcare in emerging markets through innovation and partnership with private and public sectors.

A Catalyst for Industry Evolution

NovaMed is a diversified healthcare company and thought leader that brings innovation to public and private sector partners in frontier markets. We believe that access to high-quality healthcare should not be restricted by geographical borders.

Innovative Solutions to Tackle The Biggest Challenges

We make healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible in emerging markets through driving best-practice insights.

Our Executive Team

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio comprises operating businesses across health care services, health education and hospitality sectors in the caribbean.

Healthcare Services

We help stakeholders make healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible by leveraging distinctive insights and analytic solutions backed by deep healthcare expertise, data-driven insights & expert management

Medical Education

Creating adaptive healthcare providers able to outpace the ever-changing landscape of health demands in our interconnected world through technology-enabled platforms

Health Innovation & Life Sciences

Harnessing the power of life-sciences & biotechnology in emerging markets to drive leapfrogging economic value, outsized health benefits to local populations & increase the levels of diversity in healthcare innovation

Our Expertise

Dr. David Walcott

Founder & Managing Partner

Kirk Hamilton

Founding Partner

Kevin Donaldson

General Partner

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