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  • David Walcott

Upskilling The Healthcare Workforce In Emerging Markets

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Healthcare in the Caribbean & Latin America is relatively limited compared to global counterparts, and this disproportionately affects the low-income population, who see disparately poor health outcomes given their inability to pursue healthcare internationally or in private settings. With some of highest levels of health inequity globally, health outcomes in vulnerable populations stand to worsen if the healthcare workforce isn’t trained to make the healthcare systems more efficient and effective, particularly in response to the regional population ageing trends which will see the population over 65 double over the next two decades.

Our ability to serve the low-income population and optimize outcomes is limited by challenges endemic to the primary healthcare systems across the region including low levels of resources, low purchasing power of our populations and challenges with making data-driven healthcare decisions.

We have a solution

In order to meet the increased demand at an affordable cost, we must upskill our healthcare workforce, digitize our healthcare experience and enable our clinicians to build solutions that drive more efficient models of healthcare delivery.

To support this mission, Novamed has created a platform that drives upskilling, solution creation and capacity building in the Caribbean & Latin America through the development of an ecosystem that is designed to engage, educate and connect healthcare stakeholders from the Caribbean with knowledge & best-practices from around the world.

We are working technology-enabled healthcare community that is community-driven and creates a space to empower local people to solve local problems, building on Novamed’s success with the Catalyst Health Innovation forum, a global platform built to support the transformation of healthcare & economic recovery in emerging markets through cross-disciplinary innovation, investment & enterprise – of which IDB Lab was a presenting partner.

Ultimately, we expect to change lives, businesses, and nations across the LAC region through talent transformation in healthcare.

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